Elder Scrolls Online Community
Welcome to Death Incorporated. Our philosophy here is quite simple. It's all about having fun. Oh, and if it moves, kill it!

We've gone from a small guild to a large guild and back again. We've been through a few games as a community and have come to realize that smaller is better. With that in mind, we are currently playing Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and keeping the guild small. All our members are friendly and can be found on Teamspeak often on and off game.

Drama Free
We are a drama free community. This is not to say drama doesn't pop up from time to time, but the Queen (my wife) deals with it swiftly and ruthlessly. However, by keeping our guild small and a group of friends rather than a large just another number mentality, drama rarely surfaces.

We are currently focused on just enjoying leveling and running dungeons when we get to them. We are in no way racing to endgame, however, once we do, we will focus on veteran dungeons and 12 man trails. Understand that we joined this game just to "see how it was" and isn't necessarily the end all or nothing game. If something better comes alone, we may just up and move. However, for the time being this game is providing entertainment! :) 

Though Teamspeak is not required by anymeans, pretty much everyone in the guild is on teamspeak and we heavily encourage you to sign on and hang out. If you're interested, apply to guild through the website to get our Teamspeak information and have access to the forums.

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