Welcome to Death Incorporated
Our philosophy here is quite simple. If you're not having fun, why do it? Oh, and if it moves, kill it. 

Disclaimer: From this point forward Death Incorporated can and will be referred to as DeathInc, DI, Dinc, or any number of shortened variants of Death Incorporated. If you're not 21+ years of age, stop now. This isn't the place for you. 

MMO guilds today range from the elite hardcore assholes that rip through content to the casual gamers that might never reach end game. The wide variety of guilds available may leave you wondering what's right for you.  

Why Death Inc.
For starters the co-leader is a skinny little redhead with measurements of 34D. Do you really need another reason? Really? Ok, what about a sexy athletic dark haired / well endowed man? Are there really any other reasons... I think not... but... just in case. Here you'll find a community that has been through several games and have been together for years. We consist of husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and single men and women. Our core members are not just gamers, but our friends. New members come and go and come back. Everyone is welcomed and bridges are rarely burned.

We don't require play hours or any of that bullshit that makes MMOs another job. You bought the game, play when you want. Does this mean we aren't organized enough to raid? To down content? Is this too casual you ask? Fuck no. We're bad ass. We rip down content and enjoy every second of it. The difference between us and some hardcore elitist asshats? We don't get pissed at our raid members. Real life comes first, not the game. We don't play the blame game. We won't tell you how to play or what your should use as a rotation. But if you want help, we got some nerdy bastards that will sit down with you for hours and help figure out the best play style for you and your character. 

Let me reiterate this key fact. Real life comes first, always. In a raid and about to down a boss and your kid starts crying. We'd be pissed if you didn't go to your kid. So you're in college and there's a knock on the door. Well answer it! It's college. It could be the matter of life or death. Hell it could be the pizza guy! Or a hot chick. Or multiple hot chicks. Or guys! Hell, it... wait I'm getting off track here. What was I saying? 

True Drama Free
This isn't to say drama doesn't show its ugly head now and again. What it means is the skinny little redhead with big tits is a fucking psycho. If drama appears, the Queen (Cupcake / my wife) will deal with it swiftly and ruthlessly. Come into our community causing problems and you'll be removed without a second thought. Does this mean you can't get drunk and act like a dumb ass now and again? No no. That's just life and it happens. We're referring to coming in and belittling other members. Being an elitist asshat. Preaching religion and politics. Trying to cyber in guild chat. The point is we are not scared to remove members that do not fit in the community. We don't care how good of a player you are. 

The Details
Our ingame focus (other than community) is end game PvE (raiding etc). We also PvP but we wouldn't classify our guild as pure PvP guild. More like PvX with raiding as our main focus. We are mainly US Est but accept members anywhere in the world. 

We use TS3 and this website for communication. Once registered (application is literally your name and age) and accepted into the guild you'll have access to the rest of this site including the forums, calendar, and raiding schedule.

Our only requirement is adults of age 21 or older.

Server Type: PVE
Faction: Exiles
Welcome to Death Inc.
--Cupcake with Sprinkles